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Indoor outdoor soft play equipment set with Large kids ball pit And much more


Indoor outdoor soft play equipment set with Large kids ball pit

Total 4mx4x=16sq mitre or 13ftx13ft=169 sq ft approx



  1. Indoor outdoor soft play equipment set with Large kids ball pit with lot more 

Our Large kids ball pit helps promote children’s activity development through hours of imaginative play in a safe environment in their very own brightly coloured Balls whilst interacting and socializing with other children.

 Special Indoor outdoor soft play equipment set with Large kids ball pitEasy to assemble and take down for storage

1 , 2 mitre x2 mitre x12”Depth ball pool with 175cmx175cmx5cm inner pad/mat 1 quantity

  1. Large kids ball pit Four colour scheme walls
  2. Red blue green yellow
  3. 610 gsm pvc 33/190 foam
  4. 2mx2m x12” (depth
  5. Wall thickness approx. 6”2, 3ftx6ftx2” mats 4 quantity

    3 , 3ftx3ftx2” mats 4 quantity

    4, 3ft corner mat 4 quantity

    5, Step slide cuboid set each of them 60x50x30 Cm 1 quantity

    6, Rainbow pattern balance beam 150x30x30cm 1 quantity

    7, tunnels inner 3ftx3ftx18” outer 4ftx4ft

    2 quantity

    8, stepping stones 30cm diameter 7cm thick 6 quantity

    Total 4mx4x=16sq mitre or 13ftx13ft=169 sq ft approx

  6. Individual use or part of a soft play set
  7. Complies to the very latest fire and safety legislation
  8. High Quality easy to wipe clean covers
  9. Suitable for Indoor or outdoor play
  10. Internally sewn seams, high density foam inserts
  11. Manufactured to the highest standard in the U.K.
  12. Children are our future
    Make them active and creative.At softplay toys4kids Ltd we want to make our children to develop to be active, creative and enjoyable through using our softplay toys and shapes.
    Our softplay is eye-catching and manufactured to the highest standard of quality.
    We have 20 years’ experience designer who can design and manufacture bespoke item to your requirements
    Please email your requirements for a free no obligation quote
    Please don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to gaze at the tremendous creations of SoftPlay.Large Kids ball pit is contemporary in its design and we manufacture using only high quality foam for all of products.
    Our customers can be confident that every product we manufacture has attained or exceeded the most demanding standards.
    Our products
    Quality Children’s Large kids ball pit Equipment, comes in a selected four colours walls with four colours stripe designs.At Soft Play our vision is simple yet outstanding, our committeemen  to aiding children and young people keep active, whilst also developing their key cognitive, motor neuron and social skills through play and social interaction with others.

Delivery:  10/15 working days with free delivery and 30 days full money back guarantee 

Note : All our large kids ball pit ,soft play shapes are made to exacting standards, from wipe clean durable flame retardant PVC and high grade CFC free flame retardant-foam

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Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 30 cm


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